How to Use the Quick Slice on Pampered Chef

The Quick Slice is a great tool for uniformly slicing vegetables. One of the most common ways to use it is to slice zucchini and make noodles, but there are tons of other veggies you can cut with it! Here’s how:

1. Peel or scrub your veggies and dry them off. It’s important that they’re as dry as possible so that the vegetables stay in place on top of the blade when you’re slicing them up.

2. Place your vegetable on top of the blade inside the Quick Slice and quickly rotate it around so that its side touches and scrapes against all 4 blades within this contraption (as pictured below).

3. Once all 4 sides are scraped up against the blade, it can be removed. Next, put the vegetable in a bowl, add your favorite seasonings and spices… and enjoy! Here’s one of my favorite veggies to use on the Quick Slice – sweet potatoes! I season mine with a little bit of salt and pepper, garlic powder, and sometimes oregano. It’s delicious!

4. The Quick Slice also comes in handy when chopping onions as it keeps all the onion pieces together in one neat, tidy bunch. You can use it on almost any other vegetable out there! 

The Quick Slice is just one of the many tools available in Pampered Chef’s Vegetable Tools collection. This collection includes 5 tools and costs $19.95 (it’s available for free shipping right now!). The Vegetable Tools collection includes:

– the Quick Slice, as discussed above  – the French Fry Cutter (this is a great alternative to cutting up your own potatoes! I used to despise cutting up potatoes for fries at home, but I always preferred them over store bought…) – an Italian Slicer (great for slicing tomatoes, bell peppers, and onion rings) – a Spiral Slicer (for making noodles out of veggies like zucchini and carrots.

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How does the Pampered Chef quick slice work?

To use the Quick Slice, you’ll need to assemble it first. It’s made of steel, so all you have to do is put it on the countertop and then slide inside the lid’s handle. Next, arrange your vegetables on top of the blade and rotate them in a circular motion until you get all four sides scraped up against the blades (as pictured above). Lastly, simply remove it from its holder and add your favorite seasonings. 

Does Pampered Chef have a tomato slicer?

Pampered Chef is one of the first kitchen companies to offer a vegetable slicer, and the only company that offers five! They’ve got a tomato slicer, an Italian Slicer (great for slicing tomatoes!), a French Fry Cutter (awesome for potatoes), and a Spiralizer (for making zucchini noodles). It’s really worth checking out as soon as you get your hands on these goodies!

If you love veggies like I do and have been wanting some new gadgets in your kitchen… check out Pampered Chef! You’ll be happy that you did

I highly recommend Pampered Chef products. I’ve been very pleased with my purchases and can’t wait to try their line of glass containers.

Pampered chef quick slice potatoes?

That’s exactly why this Quick Slice from Pampered Chef was invented! No more peeling, frying and dicing potatoes! You just stick the whole potato in, push down on the handle and peel off the potato slice in front of you. It’s that simple.

Yes, it works great with potatoes too. I actually took a picture of my yummy quick-sliced fries to send to my sister who was going on about how she didn’t want to cut her own fries! She quickly became a convert!

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I really like using it for chopping up onions since the blades do such a good job of keeping everything together in neat little clumps.

I use my Quick Slice every time I want to cut a potato into french fries. All they have to do is stick it in and turn the handle, and I get perfectly cut fries that are uniform in size – no more unevenly sized, lumpy potatoes! It’s a must-have for my kitchen.

Thanks for pointing out the problem with using the Quick Slice for cutting zucchini. I had not thought of that before reading your post. However, it was mentioned in their video demonstration of how it worked.

Pampered chef fruit slicer?

I have used the Quick Slice and a mandolin, but I don’t own a spiralizer or fruit slicer so this seems to be my only option. Does anyone else agree that it does work well for slicing with minimal waste? The zucchinis come out perfectly uniform with the slightest bit of zest on the edge. Some of the potatoes are ok, but you can tell that they were not evenly cut when I’m doing them skin side up. They have to be really dry for it to work well, and even then I don’t find it as great as the video makes it look.

I’ve used both successfully, but the Pampered Chef Quick Slice is my favorite–it’s so easy! I have 2 sprializers and another slicer. They can be a little wasteful because you waste the unused part of the vegetable. I just like using them because they’re fast, easy, and fun

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Pampered chef pizza cutter?

It is also a pizza cutter. My hubby and i love making our own pizzas at home. We have a pizza stone because i don the tomatoes, the mozarella and the crust can be different. It shreds carrots for us and also does potatoes. I love it as it cuts so easily and evenly i didn’t even have to cut the potato with a knife!

Some of my Pampered Chef pieces tend to get stolen from me at work all too frequently (but I work in a grocery store so that’s probably on me. So I’m always looking for new products that are easy on the wallet but just as easy to use.

Is Pampered Chef cookware worth the money?

I don’t really have a lot of experience with Pampered Chef cookware. I’ve only used the pieces I’ve gotten as gifts (like a few roasting pans and a few cookie sheets) but I think that they’re great. The cookie sheets are exceptionally sturdy and easy to clean, and the roasters are just as good! They’re not super expensive either, so they’re great if you want to invest in some quality pots and pans but don’t want to break the bank either.

Final Thoughts:

The Pampered Chef Quick Slice is a really fun gadget to have in your kitchen. It allows you to chop veggies really quickly, which can be incredibly useful for a variety of cooking applications.

Very interesting tool! I’ll certainly be trying this out more, now that the weather’s turned nice enough for salads. Do you think that it would work well for slicing zucchini for zucchini ‘pasta’?

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. I just can’t justify spending so much on “one use” gadgets in the kitchen though.

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