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Choosing A KitchenAid Artisan Mixer For You

Your kitchen is your domain. It’s the place you spend all day long, cooking and baking for those around you. In order to truly be the captain of this ship, you need a kitchen that will help you create beautiful culinary masterpieces each day. One of these magnificent appliances is the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer. There are many different options on the market today, but only a few are truly worth it.

In the following article, I’m going to break down this magnificent piece of machinery and share the 3 best models from KitchenAid’s entire line up. The goal is to help you choose the perfect kitchen appliance for your needs.

1. Artisan 1.5 HP

The Artisan mixers were KitchenAid’s first entry into the full-sized commercial range of appliances that today house almost 90% of their lineup . Their primary use was industrial baking, with a bread kneading function being their main advantage in this field. This allowed both more and wider varieties of bread to be made, giving chefs more flexibility over what they could produce on a daily basis, compared to a traditional stand mixer or dough hook combo.

The Artisan 1.5 HP is the most basic model in the line up. It has a single speed, a 3.8 amp motor, and can hold up to 12 pounds of ingredients. The bowl features variable thicknesses and can be removed for easy cleaning. It also features an LED display that indicates various operating parameters as well as remaining batter time and power left on the appliance.

As a comparison, the Artisan 5 KG is an additional $100 more than the base model, with rather minimal differences between them in terms of size and capacity (the 5KG has a larger bowl and two additional speeds). The mixer head is different though, with the larger model using a tilt head design. This allows for easier access to the bowl for cleaning, as well as more even mixing when ingredients are placed on either side of the blade.

The Artisan 7 5KG was the top of line model until recently when KitchenAid released their new line of mixers . Overall it has a similar design to the 5 KG, with an added LED screen in addition to more powerful motor (7.3 amps) that can hold up to 13 pounds of ingredients and has three speeds instead of two. It also allows for more flexibility in adjusting the kneading speed, especially for doughs. 

2. Artisan 5 KG

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a KitchenAid mixer is their vast range of attachments available. These attachments allow you to produce just about every type of food imaginable, from batters to sauces or even ice cream or frozen drinks using the same machine! The Artisan 5 KG is one such model that has a seemingly endless list of functions.

The bowl can be removed and used as a standalone bowl (it uses less power than when it is attached to the rest of the mixer). This makes it particularly good for mixing up batter or dough without needing any other accessories. This can save you time, as you don’t need to clean any other parts after using it.

This model uses a tilt head design, making it easier for cleaning access for the bowl. The 7KG and newer 5KG also have a larger capacity bowl that is 6 quarts compared to 5 in the 1.5HP design, although this may not be an issue for most people outside commercial use. Finally, the 7KG has three speeds and a timer built in to it’s digital display, compared to two speeds on the 1 .5HP version .

3 . Artisan 7 5 KG

This mixer is a newer model from KitchenAid, with the main difference over the older 7KG being the addition of a touch screen LCD. This allows for more precise control over kneading, as you have direct control over each step at varying speeds instead of just two speed settings. The LCD shows remaining batter time, dough time, and power left on the appliance itself.

It also features a larger capacity bowl that can hold up to 13 pounds of ingredients compared to 11 pounds on the older model (5KG). It uses some new technology that they call V-Blade design in their blades which are said to improve mixing performance by up to 20 percent or more.

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KitchenAid has slowly been updating it’s entire range of appliances , with each new model sometimes only having slight differences from the previous one . This can make it difficult for consumers to determine which model is right for them. The chart below should help to break down the differences between the models, but please keep in mind that there may be some older accessories that may not be compatible with newer models.

Model 1 .5 HP 3 KG 5 KG 7 5 KG Dimensions (inches) H x W x D 10.5 x 8.5 x 14 13 .75 x 8 .75 x 14 15 .5 x 9.25 x 16 17.25 x 10 x 16 Weight (pounds) 16 19 27 38.5 Motor Single Speed Single Speed Single Speed, 3 Speeds and Timer Max continuous mixing 12 lbs 11 lbs 13 lbs 13 lbs Capacity 5 Qt 7 Qt 6 Qt 7 Qt Bowl Removable Bowl Removable Bowl Tilt Head Tilt Head Tilt Head Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 5 Years Retail Price $269.99 $349.99 $399.99 $659.99

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Models

Model 1 .5 HP (Tilt Head Design)

This mixer is one of KitchenAid’s smallest mixers , weighing in at only 16 pounds and with a 1 .5 horsepower motor. It is especially useful for smaller jobs around the house, like mixing up pancake batter or small amounts of cake mix, without needing to use an entire stand mixer!

3. Artisan 5 KG (Tilt Head Design)

This model is one of KitchenAid’s all time best sellers and remains their most popular range of mixers. It comes with a full tilt head design, making it easier for access to the bowl and more even mixing during dough mixing. It also allows for ease of cleaning by removing the bowl altogether , although I recommend storing ingredients inside after you’re done.

The 5 KG has a capacity of 7 quarts and can hold a maximum of 11 pounds of ingredients. This is a great match for most household jobs, and the optional attachments only add to it’s versatility.

The Artisan 5 KG comes with several accessories that you can use right out of the box including: Straight Beater, Dough Hook, Wire Whisk, Polycarbonate Bowl with Handle and pouring lip (which can all be removed and replaced if needed), as well as a pouring shield protector.

Compared to the newer 7KG this mixer has two speeds instead of three , but with everything else being almost identical it should still be an excellent choice for most people. If you find yourself needing more power, then the 7KG will be a better choice for you.

4. Artisan 5 KG (Tilt Head Design)

This is essentially the newer version of the older 5KG that comes with a tilt head design. This allows for easier access to cleaning and mixing, but also doesn’t take up as much space on your counter since it does not need to be stored in an upright position.

There are only two main differences between this model and the earlier 5KG: It has three speeds instead of two , as well as a touchscreen LCD display instead of a simple digital readout on the old design.

The LCD display on this model also allows you to set a countdown timer for your mix, which is handy for ensuring that your food gets mixed for the right time before it goes in the oven or you have to rush out of the house. The 7 5 KG comes with several accessories including: (5) Speeds, Pouring Shield, Large and Small Wire Whisk, Dough Hook and beaters.

5. Artisan 7 KG (Tilt Head Design)

This is one of KitchenAid’s newest models that was released in 2015 at the same time as their tilt head design 6KG mixer. This is slightly larger, with a larger 7 quart bowl and also includes two speeds as opposed to the two speeds of the 6KG .

Despite this, it’s still backward compatible with most older attachments and will work with the 2 speed attachments on the 5KG and 4 speed attachments on the Artisan 8 KG mixer. The Artisan 7 KG comes with several accessories including: (1) Speed, (2) Speeds, Dough Hook and beaters.

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This model doesn’t have an LCD display, but instead just has a simple digital readout that you can set to whichever number you want. This is especially useful if you have sensitive eyes or are wearing sunglasses while mixing. It’s also quick and easy to switch between settings, just press the arrows on the front to change from one setting to another.

6. Artisan 8 KG (Tilt Head Design)

This is KitchenAid’s latest addition to their range of mixers with a 3-inch beater + dough hook design. It also has two speeds for ease of use. This is the largest mixer in KitchenAid’s line up, and can hold up to 13 pounds of ingredients whereas the 5KG can hold up to 7 pounds . It’s very similar in design and features to their traditional stand mixers , so it should feel very familiar if you have one already.

It can also be used almost identically to the Artisan 7KG to mix heavy doughs and larger quantities of ingredients. The 8 KG also comes with several accessories including: (1) Speed, (2) Speeds, Dough Hook and beaters. It is compatible with the two speed attachments on the 5KG and 4 speed attachments on the 8 KG. It also comes in a smaller version aimed at smaller kitchens , weighing in at just 16 pounds.

7. Artisan Mini (Tilt Head Design)

This is one of the latest additions to KitchenAid’s line of mixers and is actually the smallest mixer they offer. As you can imagine, it is smaller than their other models, but it actually has a motor that’s almost identical in power to the 6KG . It also comes with several accessories including: (1) Speed, (2) Speeds, Dough Hook and beaters.

This model does not come with a pouring shield or liquid ingredients such as oil can only be poured into the bowl through the pour spout. If you want more information on its unique design and how this affects your mixing jobs, then check out my full review.

For the time being though, I would recommend taking a look at the other models that are available on this page as these are some of the most popular. You will also notice that there is no 10 KG Kitchenaid mixer  on this page – this is because there is only one in existence, but it is not available for sale anywhere in the world and has not been made in a long time. The last one was sold to a customer who then sold it on eBay which led to its demise and KitchenAid no longer produces them.

What is the difference between the KitchenAid models?

If you’ve read the above list carefully you will have noticed that there are several models that seem to offer similar features. Below is a quick breakdown of what the differences are between them so you can choose the best KitchenAid mixer for your particular needs.

The 1.25KG and 2 KG mixers are smaller than any of the other stand mixers , and also have different motors to ensure that they do not overheat when using them for extended periods of time. This is fine for small kitchens or if you may need to use the mixer for a job quickly, but it may not be able to handle larger jobs . The motors are still quite powerful though, so don’t worry about speed being an issue here.

What is the difference between an artisan and a classic KitchenAid?

Aside from the different colors, and some minor changes to the base of each mixer, there is really no difference between the two. The classic mixers look a little better if you have a traditional kitchen, but that’s about it. For those who are wondering, the only differences are:

The K5 and K6 use the same bowl, but have slightly different cups. The K5 has a silver cup while the K6 has a glass cup instead. They also have slight differences in their tilt head designs as well as their color schemes when mixing attachments and other parts of the mixer. The 1.25KG and 2 KG mixers are also smaller than their 4.5 KG and 5KG counterparts , but they are still very powerful despite their size. For those who are wondering, the only differences between the two models in particular are:

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Both use different cups to be able to hold up to a gallon of liquid ingredients – they both have glass insert bowlsd. This makes them ideal for making large batches of cookies or dough that you need to divide into sections once it has finished mixing. The tilt head design is slightly different as well, with the 1.25KG using a more convenient adjustable control panel that gives you more control over your speed options .

What is KitchenAid custom?

There is also a newer, more modern model of the KitchenAid mixers called Custom . The custom mixers are produced in limited quantities and tend to go for higher prices than their classic counterparts. They are an upgraded version of the classic mixers that makes them more suitable for commercial kitchens, or anyone who has a lot of different attachments and accessories.

The primary difference between standard KitchenAid mixers and custom mixers is that the custom models come with gears attached to their motor shafts which means that everything will be smooth when mixing. This is more suitable for commercial kitchens where the mixers tend to get a greater amount of usage, and this is why they are more expensive.

There are several other minor changes such as the buttons on their control panel lights up so you can see them and their controls when mixing in the dark. This makes them ideal for those who work overnight or want to avoid any accidents while mixing in the kitchen at night. They also have a better pouring shield which allows you to pour ingredients without spilling them, and they also come with different attachments that you can use with very little maintenance.

What is KitchenAid Professional Series?

The KitchenAid Professional Series mixers offer some of the best mixers in every aspect. They are built to be more durable and tougher than their standard counterparts and are made for those who have more money to spare. If you are looking for a mixer that is the best of the best then you will want to take a look at KitchenAid’s Professional Series.

The only drawback to these mixers is they cost significantly more than the other models. Unless you need specific attachments or features that are only available in this model, then it really is not worth paying extra just for them.

Are KitchenAid mixers being discontinued?

Yes, but there is still an abundance of them available online at low prices. The only problem with this is that KitchenAid seem to be discontinuing them, and so the ones that are left are all quite expensive.

If you are looking for a KitchenAid mixer then I would strongly urge you to check out the other models that are available on this page. I have looked over a great number of other options myself, and I would like to think that my selection is just fine for most people. If you are looking for an alternative model or if you don’t believe my selection is good enough then I would strongly advise you to look elsewhere as once they’re gone they’re gone forever.


Those are my top three picks for the best KitchenAid models. I hope this page will help you out and make it a little easier to decide which is the best model of mixer for your needs and budget. If you have any questions or comments then please use the comments section below, or at least share this page on social media so that it can help others as well. If there is anything else that I missed or need to change or add to this page, then please let me know in the comments below. I would like to include everything here that we need and make this a comprehensive and easy to read guide for everyone.