Reasons Why Your Air Fryer Isn’t Heating Up: How to Fix

A lot of people are interested in using air fryers as a way to make food healthier, with less oil, no deep frying, and less calories. In general, air fryers use lower levels of heat than other cooking methods like grilling and baking.

There is also a process called “dehydrating” that occurs when you place food inside an air fryer. Dehydrating causes the water molecules in your food to break down into hydrogen and oxygen with the heat from the air fryer’s air compressor. This is actually pretty cool; hydrogen and oxygen are just two of the most basic elements in the world. Dehydrating your food also cooks it without having to use oil.

In some cases, however, your air fryer may not heat up at all. This can be really frustrating because you aren’t able to cook any food using your air fryer. Thankfully, there are a few reasons why this happens and ways you can troubleshoot these problems so you’ll be able to use your air fryer again in no time.

Sometimes air fryers simply don’t heat up the way they should, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make healthy food using your air fryer. There are a couple of things you need to know about this issue so you can troubleshoot it and have your air fryer going as soon as possible. [READ MORE]

Solution: Air Fryer Not Heating Up – Reasons Why It’s Not Working!

Some reasons why an air fryer won’t heat up are:  Grease buildup, insufficient or damaged blower motor, clogged or damaged heating element, loose parts around blower motor, or even a dirty filter screen.

A clogged filter screen can be caused by a build-up of grease, coffee, tea, or anything that resembles oil. To fix this problem, you need to remove the filter screen and give it a nice cleaning. This is pretty easy to do; you only need to take of the front panel and wipe it down with some paper towels or a damp rag. After this, replace the front panel and put everything back together. Make sure your filter screen is clean before placing it back in place and test the air fryer to see if the issue has been resolved.

One other common reason why an air fryer isn’t heating up is due to a damaged blower motor inside of your unit.

Unfortunately, some people seem to encounter issues when they attempt to use their particular model of an air fryer on their own or find that they’re not getting any heating action at all even after hours. Then they become frustrated and disappointed. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your food isn’t just sitting in the air fryer’s basket, waiting to be dehydrated.

There Are Several Things You Can Do To Fix This Problem

Here’s what you need to know about why your air fryer isn’t heating up and what you can do about it:

You need to check the wattage of the air fryer before you buy it. Make sure that it is compatible with the electrical outlet in your home. If it doesn’t match, then you will have to choose another model that is compatible with the electrical specifications for your home.

Make sure that the air fryer has been cleaned thoroughly and free of any grease or dirt.

Check inside the basket for clogs. Be sure that the basket is clear of all debris and food so that you can’t accidentally dehydrate it before using it.

Place a cup on top of the air fryer to make sure that it’s pulling air through properly. You want to keep this covered with anything heavy like a cup or a bowl so that no oil or water leaks out onto your countertop. This will make your cooking process faster and much safer if you do happen to spill some oil on your countertop.

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Clean your air fryer after each use. Soak all removable parts in hot, soapy water, and then dry thoroughly before you put it away.

Check the temperature settings and make sure that they’re not too hot or too cold. If there are any problems with the temperature settings, try to adjust them accordingly. Keeping the temperature of your air fryer consistently between 325-450 is ideal for cooking most kinds of food.

If your air fryer is hotter than that, then it could cause further dehydration and may not cook your food properly since it will be overdone from being dehydrated. However, if the air fryer is too cool rather than too hot, your food will not dehydrate properly and the cold air running through it may not circulate properly.

How To Fix The Issue Of Your Air Fryer Not Heating Up

If you do experience any issues with your air fryer’s heating element, then you need to contact the company that made it to see if they can provide instructions for repairing it. You can check their website to get more information about returning or exchanging a defective product for a working one. If you choose to return the product and purchase a new air fryer instead, then make sure that it has all of the features that you need for preparing healthy meals at home.

Another thing you can do to prevent this issue is to check the temperature of your air fryer on a regular basis to make sure that it’s heating appropriately.

How do I fix my air fryer that is not heating?

So you have a Philips airfryer, and it’s not heating up? Here’s how to fix that problem:

First, make sure that the temperature selector is on the right setting.

Make sure your fryer is plugged in properly. If you have a 3 pin UK plug you will need an adaptor. Make sure it is plugged in correctly to avoid overheating issues. If you need help, see our guide here:   Air Fryer Safety Guide .

Check the cord for damage or repair issues. See our guide here:   Air Fryer Cord Issues .

If you have a timer issue, see our guide here:   Fixing The Timer On Your Air Fryer .

If your temperature is too high, and your food isn’t heating up, it’s possible that your thermostat has gone out. You can purchase a new thermostat, and if you need repair help, we have a great guide here:   How To Replace The Thermostat In Your Philips Airfryer .

If you get oil leaking into your air fryer when it is running it might be time to replace the seal. Our guide here:   Air Fryer O-Ring Repair Guide shows you how to do that.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about their air fryer not heating up, and how they fixed it: “Pretty much took the whole outside apart – removed the metal outer case, then the whole front section, removed the top cover which actually has 3 screws inside under the timer screen (possibly 4 depending on model), then unscrewed the thermostat housing plate. The thermostat is held to it by a couple of screws (2mm) so you can easily thread this out.

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How do I reset my instant vortex air fryer?

It’s not uncommon for the timer to have a timing issue, or if you have a bad air filter. If this is the case and you are still having issues with your unit not heating up after checking those things out, we recommend trying to reset your air fryer by following these steps:

Turn off your airfryer and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

Remove the KF-SVC1-000003 timer knob from its place on the base of the unit by lifting it off of its retaining pins. As you remove it be sure to keep it in a safe place since there are electrical components inside of it.

Once the knob is removed, you will need to remove a small cover that is just above where the knob was located. This cover is held in place by one screw. Use a 2mm hex key to remove it. Once it is removed, you will notice a very small hole in the center of this cover. You will need a paperclip or similar instrument to place inside of that hole along with the tip of your finger so you can make sure it stays in place.

Next, press and hold the start button for 30 seconds and then release it. Replace the switch timer housing cover and ensure that it is being held securely by replacing its screw.

Why did my instant Vortex Air Fryer stop working?

When it comes to a faulty air fryer, the most common reason why they will stop working is because they were not taken care of properly. Some of the issues that will cause this to happen are:

Not cleaning it properly after each use – If you do not clean your air fryer after each use, then it can cause residue to build up over time. This residue will eventually clog your air vent and make your air fryer stop working. If you want to keep yours running for longer without needing repairs, then make sure that you clean it well every time you use it by wiping out the drip tray and any excess grease from the inside with a paper towel or old rag.

Using too much oil – If you use your air fryer to deep fry food, then it might be causing your air fryer to overheat. In this case, it will cause the sensors in your unit to shut off. If you find that this happens often when you use your air fryer, try cutting back on the amount of oil that you are using.

In some cases, the sensor may just be dirty and require cleaning or repair. To clean the sensor safely, remove it from its housing and gently clean it with a soft cloth or eyeglass cleaning kit swab. To learn how to remove the sensor, check out our tutorial here:   Replace The Sensor In Your Instant Vortex Air Fryer .

Why is my air fryer blowing cold air?

If your air fryer is blowing cold air instead of hot air, this could be caused by a few different things. Here are some common causes:

Bad thermostat – Sometimes the thermostat inside of your instant vortex air fryer that regulates the heat will fail and stop working. You can replace it if it has gone out, and learn how to do that in our tutorial here:   Replace The Thermostat In Your Philips Airfryer . If this isn’t an option for you, try using less oil as this may help with issues associated with overheating.

Bad jet – If your air fryer is blowing cold air, the jets may be clogged, or they may have failed completely. If this is the case, you will need to replace them. To learn how to do that check out our tutorial here:   Disassemble And Clean The Air Jets In Your Instant Vortex Air Fryer .

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Foods that were too cold – If you are using frozen food in your air fryer and you notice that it is blowing cold air instead of hot air perhaps the food was just not warm enough. Try preheating your air fryer with empty containers and this should help get your food to the right temperature range for cooking.

My air fryer is making a popping noise. What could be causing it?

If your air fryer is popping while it is operating, this can be a few different things. In our experience, most of the time the cause is because there are too many foods inside of your basket that are pushing up against one another and causing pressure to build up in the unit. Here are some other possible causes for this issue:

Foods were not properly cleaned prior to cooking – If you want to keep your instant vortex air fryer from making extra noise, you need to make sure that food is properly cleaned and dried prior to placing it in the basket.

Foods that are frozen – If you are cooking frozen food and it pops up, it is because there is still some ice inside of the food. You may also notice that the unit sounds louder as well when foods that have a lot of water inside them such as seafood or frozen vegetables are cooked.

Defective thermostat – If you have an older model and your instant vortex air fryer is making a popping noise, this could be caused by a defective thermostat. You can replace it, or you can try using less oil in the future which may help with overheating issues.

Why is my Philips Airfryer not heating up?

If your air fryer is not heating, the most common cause of this problem is because you are not using the correct amount of oil. We recommend using 1 to 2 ounces of oil per batch of food to keep your unit running and cooking properly. If you use too little oil, then it will cause overheating as it works harder to cool itself. If you use too much oil, then it can create clogs and blockages in your air vent which will prevent hot air from escaping. Either way, it can cause your fryer to stop working properly.

Why is my Airfryer not preheating?

If your air fryer is not preheating, this could be caused by any number of issues. Here are some common ones:

Damaged thermostat – If you have an older model and you find that your unit does not preheat at all, it might be because your thermostat has been damaged. In this case, you should replace it just to make sure that the unit doesn’t stop working altogether. To learn how to replace the thermostat in an air fryer, check out our tutorial here:   Replace The Thermostat In Your Philips Airfryer .

Clogged air vents – If your air fryer stops heating, it could be because the vent is clogged. You will know if this is the case because you will not hear it preheating when you turn it on, or your food won’t cook as quickly or as evenly. To clean out the air vent and make sure that it is working properly, check out our tutorial here:   Clean The Air Vents In Your Instant Vortex Air Fryer .

You now know what the most common issues are with your Philips Airfryer, and you can see that they are pretty easy to fix. Thankfully, they are not very expensive repairs and they don’t cost much to learn how to repair. You can save yourself some time by doing the right repairs at the right time, so you don’t have to worry about them again.