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Five Ways To Learn Why Is My Air Fryer So Loud Effectively

If you didn’t know, an air fryer can produce some startlingly loud noises. It’s hard to hear oneself think in the presence of its ear piercing cries. But why is my air fryer so loud? What are the factors that cause this phenomenon? And most importantly, can it be fixed? I’m here to answer all these questions and more!

While it’s not always possible or practical to reduce the noise level of an air fryer, there are a few simple things you can do to dampen its yelling. We’ll examine five of these things and you’ll see that they’re not as hard to implement as you’d think! 

  1. Change the air filter
    Changing the air filter is a great idea if only for its ability to ease the noise levels. Of course, changing the filter isn’t always enough: there are other ways to help rid your air fryer of its racket. We’ll cover all of these ways below (and I’m sure there are more!). 
  2. Remove any ducting or fan that’s plugged in while it’s working
    So, here’s the deal: when an air fryer is working, it produces a high volume of heat and noise (also called heat and coolant , respectively). The heat that is produced needs to be released, so that it doesn’t build up and cause any serious damage. The coolant acts as a conduit for the heat to travel away from the appliance. 
  3. Dust and clean your air fryer
    Oh, look: another way to make your air fryer quieter! It may seem counterintuitive, but it actually makes sense. The more grime and dust there is in your air fryer, the louder its proclamations of “I’m hot!” will be. Why? Because this grime and dust will act as a filler for the empty space between the different parts of your appliance – basically muffling its “voice.” 
  4. Renovate your home
    What? Renovate my home? I didn’t know that that had anything to do with the noise level of my air fryer! You’re right: it doesn’t. Still, it’s a fun idea to consider nonetheless. If you renovate your home or apartment in any way, including (but not limited to) adding new walls and/or removing old ones, this will also have some – albeit small – effect on the noise level made by your air fryer. 
  5. Put it away while it’s not in use
    “That’s it?” you may ask. “Just put it away?”. Indeed, that is all there is to do. Simply unplug your air fryer (if necessary), take it out of your kitchen, and put it somewhere safe while it’s not needed. There are many, many benefits to doing this: your home will be less cluttered; you’ll have more room for other things (like furniture, or cooking utensils); and you’ll reduce the chance that someone will bump into the appliance and hurt themselves – especially if you have children! 
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How can I make my air fryer quieter?

Ok, so you now know all the possible ways to make your air fryer quieter: change its air filter; remove any ducting or fan that’s plugged in while it’s working; dust and clean your air fryer; renovate your home; and put it away while it’s not in use. This is obviously a lot of options! But which one is best for me? Which one will best minimize noise? I’ve done my work for you!
Air Filter
The first and most obvious one – and the easiest to implement, as well: change your air filter. The air filter is the part that sits at the top of your air fryer and contains all the dust and dirt; it is usually placed inside one of your exhaust fans (the ones with the holes in them that you can see in my pictures). Take a look at your air filter. Is it filthy? If so, put it on your list of things to change! 
Ducting and Fan
If, when you take your air fryer out of storage, there’s any ducting or fan attached to it, remove both these parts. They act as coolants for your air fryer, releasing heat in areas where there are no holes for this heat to escape through. You can do this for both the top and bottom of your air fryer. 
This is not a big change, but it still has a noticeable effect on how quiet your appliance is; you won’t hear it yelling as much. Do be careful, though: if you don’t know how to remove these things properly, take a look at your instructions booklet and/or call up the manufacturer – they’ll know!
Dust and Clean Your Air Fryer
Another easy solution! Just dust and clean your air fryer, as you would any other kitchen appliance. Make sure you remove any crumbs or dust bunnies; ensure there’s no grease or dirt on or in between any parts of your air fryer.

Are air fryers supposed to be loud?

This question isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Air fryers have marginally different volumes – these differences depend on what size the product is, how it was designed, etc. Nevertheless, all air fryers that I’ve seen are supposed to be loud – at least a little. The crumbs and dirt that will accumulate in the air filter will make noise as it’s sucked through the air vents. Also, some air fryers (especially cheaper ones) don’t come with multiple exhaust fans: if yours doesn’t, this means that the same fan is doing all of the exhausting . This will make noise too (since it’ll need to work harder). 
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: no, air fryers aren’t supposed to be totally silent. But they are also not supposed to be as loud as they are! If you’re suffering from an air fryer that’s holier-than-thou (and therefore louder than any other appliance in your kitchen), there are steps you can take to calm it down.

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Can you reheat in a Airfryer?

Yes! You can reheat in your air fryer (as long as it’s not too hot and you’re careful, of course). To do so, simply follow the same procedure as above. Do be careful, though: re-heating food in an air fryer always requires caution – don’t risk adding more chips or other types of unhealthy food to it! 

What is the best Air Fryer Oven ?

For mason jar lids for The GoRite AirFryer XL.
Mason jars are ideal for storing bits of food that need to be kept hot (such as chips or cereal) overnight or during the day (such as leftovers). This creates a lot of friction inside the jar, which quickly builds up heat. The result is that your food will be heated pretty quickly – especially if you’re using an older, less efficient appliance.

The GoRite AirFryer XL has four large and powerful fans that suck all the thermal energy from your jar and release it as heat – all in one go! In this way, you will be able to cook meals faster than ever before and save on electricity bills. 
The GoRite AirFryer XL is also the perfect size for a mason jar lid. That’s why we made special inserts for the four lid lids (see below). When you fit these, your mouth will drop! The heat generated by the AirFryer XL is so intense that it will be able to heat your jar almost to boiling point! 
This means that you can now use your AirFryer XL as a portable and powerful rice cooker, hot sauce maker, or slow cooker. You can also use it as an infuser or even as a dispenser for homemade condiments. Oh – and let’s not forget about bain marie cooking; since you’ll be able to reach higher temperatures with this consumer-friendly appliance than with others on the market, you’ll be able to prepare desserts more clearly and crisply than with any other type of cooking device out there.

How can I use the AirFryer XL as a rice cooker?

You’ve already cooked rice or any other kind of food with the air fryer, and you want to cook some more? The best way to do this is by using an appropriate mason jar lid. All you need to do is place your dish in the dishwasher and – voila! – you will have an instant rice cooker. The GoRite AirFryer XL comes with four different extra large lids that allow you to perform this function; all you need to do is place a lid inside your dishwasher rack (the insert below), press it against your dish, and close the door. Minutes later…

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 How can I use the AirFryer XL as an infuser?

You can either use the GoRite AirFryer XL for this, or you can use any air fryer that has a lid. You’ll need a suitable mason jar lid (such as the one below), some cheesecloth, and some fresh spices or herbs. All you have to do is place your mason jar lid inside the dishwasher (according to instructions on the insert below) and then fit it on top of your air fryer; make sure to close the lid tightly. This will keep your ingredients fresh and fragrant for longer. If you’d like, you can also add a dash of salt and a few drops of oil too; it’s going to make all the difference!

How can I use the AirFryer XL as a slow cooker?

You can also use an air fryer that has a lid (such as our own GoRite AirFryer XL) as a slow cooker. The one below shows how to do it with our own model, the GoRite AirFryer XL : To use your air fryer as a slow cooker, simply place the dish in your dishwasher rack (see above). The GoRite AirFryer XL will then heat up and warm your dish to the perfect serving temperature. 

How can I use the AirFryer XL as a bain-maries?

This is a very easy way to use your air fryer as a bain-marie. Simply place a suitable mason jar lid inside your air fryer and add some water (about 2-3 inches). The heat generated by the GoRite AirFryer XL will immediately cause the water to boil, giving you perfectly cooked food.

These are all of the benefits that you can expect from a GoRite AirFryer XL, but that’s not all there is to it. In my opinion, this product is a huge advancement in the world of air fryers. If you have an older model – such as a basic air fryer – then I’d suggest that you upgrade to this one. Furthermore, if you’re making the switch from cook-in-the-oven to air frying, then you should definitely consider our model. It’s going to be the perfect appliance for you since it’  built with quality, convenience and spunk in mind.

I know I could go on forever about how this is an improved version of its predecessor GoRite AirFryer , but I think we’ve already covered most of it. The only thing left that I want to add is my final thought: I hope that you’ve found what you were looking for (and more ) in this review . If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this review. May the GoRite AirFryer XL be with you!

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