Where To Find Vanilla Extract In The Grocery Store?

If you want to give your baked goods the perfect vanilla flavor, you need to start with quality ingredients. Fortunately, one of the most important ingredients is also readily available at the grocery store.

Vanilla extract is made by combining vanilla beans with alcohol and water. It’s typically sold in liquid form but can also be found in pods or as a powder. Vanilla extract is stocked on grocery store shelves next to other extracts like almond, lemon, or peppermint that are used for baking. You can also find it right next to baking soda and baking powder on the shelf where those items are displayed.

When you’re shopping for vanilla extract, you might be tempted by the wide range of choices and prices. Before you buy, read the label to make sure you are purchasing quality vanilla extract. It should have a rich aroma that reminds you of freshly baked cookies or cake. The color can vary from dark brown to a lighter clear liquid, but either way the product should be crystal clear.

The taste should be smooth and sweet with no harsh aftertaste. Vanilla has many uses besides baking, so if it’s for something other than cooking or baking, make sure that it’s a flavor that you like before buying it.

If you knew the story of how vanilla became the world’s favorite flavor, then you’d understand why vanilla extract is on our list of “must find” items. Vanilla extract is a liquid mix made by soaking and breaking down vanilla bean pods in alcohol and water, and then filtering out the results.

It can be homemade, but it usually takes about 2 months of soaking to be ready.

Although it’s worth the wait as it’s a more natural option, especially now that there are speculations as to what’s really in the imitation vanilla selling on the market, these days.

So if you want to know where to find vanilla extract in the grocery store, let’s help you find original brands.

Where is vanilla extract in grocery store

Vanilla extract is usually in the Baking aisle of the grocery store as it features in many baking recipes. E.g. cookies, pancakes, etc. They mostly come in glass bottles, however they’re easy to confuse with the imitation brands.

So it’s best to read the labels before purchase and study the bottles closely.

Real vanilla extract comes in a dark shade of brown, while the imitations are clear and see through.

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Though if you miss it, always ask the employees hanging around the store, or the Front End of the store to help you out.

Where is the best place to buy vanilla extract

Currently, these are the best places to buy vanilla extract:


Amazon has almost everything you’re looking for, being one of the largest stores in the world. Its current bestseller is the Watkins All-Natural vanilla extract. But it also houses other great brands like the McCormick pure vanilla extract. You can order them and get doorstep delivery.

Watkins All Natural Original Gourmet Baking Vanilla, with Pure Vanilla Extract, 11 ounces Bottle, 1 Count (Packaging May Vary)

Made with Pure Vanilla Extract and all naturally derived ingredients

Concentrated, bake and freeze proof blend is ideal for baking

No Artificial Colors or Flavors. Note: Contains Sulfites

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Corn Syrup Free, Kosher

Crafted in the USA

McCormick All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract, 16 fl oz

Premium-quality vanilla extract 16 oz bottle derived from the highest quality grade pure vanilla bean

Pure vanilla beans are cultivated with care and blended for consistent vanilla flavor in every bottle

Essential baking ingredient, enhancing the flavor of baked goods, meat sauces, marinades and vinaigrettes

No corn syrup, gluten-free vanilla extract and verified Non-GMO

Pure vanilla bean extract is certified Kosher pareve by the Orthodox Union


Walmart has a long list of vanilla extract products to choose from. If you love free shipping, you’ll be delighted to know that most of them are eligible for it.  You can visit any of the available outlets in your region or order online.


Kroger houses only the best brands of Vanilla extracts, and for affordable prices too. Even better, it has its own brand, the pure vanilla extract. Currently, it’s available for delivery and pickup, but not for shipping. Although, you can check out the other vanilla extract product varieties before making your final choice.

Whole Foods

Like Kroger, Whole Foods has its own brand, which is this 365 Whole Foods vanilla extract. It’s suitable for vegans and Keto-friendly. There’s also this other pure vanilla extract made by a different brand known as Simply Organic. Presently, you can’t order them online, but you can visit any of the stores near you to purchase them.

Trader Joe’s

Here’s another store that prides itself on having its own vanilla extract brand. Although you can’t order it from the online platform, you can always get Trader Joe’s pure Bourbon vanilla extract on Amazon. Alternatively, you can visit any of the stores near you.

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Wegmans also has its own brand of vanilla extract, which is the Organic Premium vanilla extract and this other Pure Vanilla extract. Both are gluten-free, and eligible for home delivery.


H.E.B currently has vanilla extract in stock. It’s inventory is quite large, so you’ll have a wide selection of vanilla extracts to choose from.

How important is vanilla extract in a recipe

Vanilla extract isn’t a core or “must-have” ingredient, except in a few recipes that use it as a base or theme ingredient. E.g. Vanilla pancakes.

You can leave it out of your recipe if you don’t have it in your pantry or can’t afford the cost.

However, it amplifies flavor in pastries, from cookies down to cakes. So if you’re always complaining about how your recipes don’t come out right, it’s worth giving a try.

Does Walmart have vanilla extract?

Yes, Walmart has vanilla extract. It has several brands and varieties to choose from. You can visit any of their stores, or go online to order your favorite brands and varieties of vanilla extract.

Do you ship vanilla extract?

Amazon ships just about everything you need for your kitchen. Vanilla extract is available for home delivery. Just make sure that the item you order is eligible for shipping before purchasing it from Amazon.

Why do people use real vanilla vs vanilla flavoring?

Vanilla extract is made with real grade A-vanilla beans, which are soaked in high-quality alcohol and water before being filtered out to give the final product its color and flavor. Vanilla flavoring, on the other hand, is artificial and uses chemicals to mimic the flavor of real vanilla extract. It’s not food grade and is mostly used in soaps and cosmetics.

How much vanilla extract should I add in a recipe?

For most recipes, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract per cup serves as an adequate amount of vanilla to make your recipe taste amazing. However, if your recipe calls for 2 cups of milk or more, you can double up the amount, e.g. 2 teaspoons per cup.

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What is the closest thing to vanilla extract?

Since vanilla extract is not readily available in stores, many people use vanilla bean paste to replace it, especially if you’re doing a lot of baking and making cakes. It’s much more expensive than the ready-made bottle of vanilla extract you find at stores. Vanilla beans are what make the best-tasting vanilla, though. Unfortunately, you can only get them in bulk packs or from specialty shops.

What is the difference between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Beans?

Real Vanilla Extract – Made from high-quality grade beans that are soaked in alcohol/water before being filtered out to give it its final color and flavor. This one is more expensive than other brands but yields better results too. Vanilla extract has a shelf life of around two years. It’s best to store it in a cool and dark place or in your cupboard. Warm temperatures will ruin its flavor, while direct sunlight may cause it to turn brown.

What is vanilla extract good for other than making desserts?

Vanilla extract has a variety of uses, from adding flavor to cocktails to meat dishes. It’s also good for your skin and hair care. You can read about the many benefits of vanilla extract at Jane Maynard’s website. Vanilla contains small amounts of sugar, which makes it high in calories compared to other extracts or flavorings. About 2 tablespoons contain about 55 calories, which is about as much as watermelon has per serving (1 cup).

Are all vanilla extracts the same?

No. Some companies sell fake vanilla extract, which usually looks like the real thing, but your recipe won’t turn out right. If you want to avoid any confusion and prevent your recipes from failing, you can make sure you purchase real vanilla extract. Real vanilla extract is made with actual vanilla beans, which are more expensive than other brands. But it yields better results and tastes much better too.

What does vanilla extract do for a cake?

It helps make your cake taste more delicious and improves flavor in any dessert recipe. If you prefer vanilla as a theme ingredient or if your cakes don’t turn out well every time, it’s worth trying real vanilla extract from a reputable brand.

If you’re on a low-carb diet or are diabetic, you can always use sugar-free vanilla extract. Fortunately, there are lots of sugar-free options available for you to choose from on Amazon. Just make sure that it meets the requirements for your specific diet before buying it. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to bake, check out our cool baking cookbook. We have a variety of baking recipes that never fail. You can order it from Amazon here.

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