Difference Between Vanilla Essential Oil, Absolute & Extract

Do you ever find yourself confused about the vernacular when it comes to essential oils? You won’t anymore after reading this post!

Today we’ll break down the difference between all three of these oils, starting with a brief explanation of what they are. Vanilla is a spice with a rich and delicious flavor which gives people an added perk when it is highly concentrated in food or drinks.

Vanilla essential oil, or vanilla absolute, is extracted from vanilla beans but can also be synthetically reproduced. The main difference between the two is that synthetic vanilla doesn’t contain any “vanillin crystals;” however, if one has allergies to real vanilla then synthetic could be substituted for this type of oil.

Vanilla is commonly used to add flavor to food and beverages, but also has other uses. It is also used as a fragrance in perfumes, lotions, soaps, and candles. Additionally, it is used in homeopathic medicine as well as aromatherapy treatments. However, synthetic vanilla isn’t recommended for consumption or skin use! And while vanilla beans are often infused into products such as food and beverages, you can purchase the oil itself to add the same scent that you enjoy in the aforementioned items.

The Difference Between Vanilla Essential Oil & Absolute

In short: Vanilla absolute is concentrated vanilla oils that have been extracted from vanilla beans; vanilla essential oil is a synthetic version of this product. Synthetic vanilla oils are created in laboratories but do not include the “vanillin crystals” which are present in the extractions from real vanilla beans.

Synthetic vanilla oils are considered to be safe for use and can be an alternative for those who have allergies to pure vanilla.

So, what is the difference between natural and artificial vanilla? During the extraction process of real vanilla, vanillin crystals are produced which creates this distinct flavor. However, synthetic oils don’t contain these crystals. The main difference between natural and synthetic vanilla is the chemical process in which they are made.

Natural vanilla is extracted from a type of orchid, while synthetic vanilla is created using chemicals. In fact, the majority of synthetic oils are manufactured using petroleum or other harmful chemicals such as phthalates and formaldehyde! Aside from being bad for your health, these chemicals can also be found in foods consumed by children. Synthetic vanillin crystals also have much weaker flavor than real vanillin crystals and will not have a strong taste in food or beverages if they are used.

This difference can cause confusion because synthetic vanilla is clearly a fake product that doesn’t have the same flavor as real vanilla. However, it can be useful if synthetic vanillin crystals are needed but food ingredients with real vanillin crystals aren’t safe for ingestion. Because of this, many companies will use artificial vanilla or a synthetic alternative to create these types of products.

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The term “pure” is also used to describe natural and/or synthetically produced vanilla extracts; however, people who purchase this product may not realize that it isn’t the strongest solution for scent in their goods.

The Difference Between Vanilla Essential Oil & Extract

In short: An essential oil is created by distilling a plant or flower and removing the strongest scent while an extract is created by steeping the plant or flower in an alcohol solution.

Essential oils can be made from vanilla beans, but extracts are typically used for skin applications and products. However, you can also create your own vanilla extract at home if you have raw vanilla beans and vodka! Also, natural vanilla extracts will contain vanillin crystals which provide a stronger scent. The synthetic version of this extract doesn’t have these crystals.

If vanilla essential oil is used to create a massage oil or lotion, then the extracted version will generally be used. However, if it is a food or beverage product that includes the scent of vanilla (such as cake or candy), then the essential oil version is recommended.

The Difference Between Vanilla Oil & Extract: How they Differ in Value

In short: The natural extract has much more value than the synthetic one because it contains vanillin crystals and is considered to be more potent. However, if you’re nutritionally deficient, then you may have a hard time ingesting vanillin crystals in your food or drinking synthetic vanilla extract in your drink.

Pure vanilla extract is created by steeping the plant in water or alcohol, and the specific recipe used will determine if it’s considered to be a natural or synthetic product.

When you buy pure vanilla extract, some brands add corn syrup to ensure that the crystals are dissolved. Because many people find this ingredient to be unappetizing, it’s important to read the label before spending your hard-earned money. You may want to create your own extract instead of buying a pre-made bottle because you can use real alcohol and real vanilla beans! Aside from creating your own extract for food products, you can also use this technique for making candles and bath products with a strong scent of vanilla.

Vanilla Oils vs. Extracts: Which Is Best

In short: Synthetic vanilla oils are the most commonly used product for food and beverages that don’t contain real vanilla crystals. If you have allergies or are sensitive to real vanilla extract, then synthetic oil is an option!

If you’re looking for a pure alternative to produce a food item with a strong scent of vanilla, then natural vanilla extract is your best choice. If you want to make your own candles or bath products with a strong taste while being gluten-free, then natural vanilla extract is also recommended.

However, you don’t have to go ahead and purchase natural oil if you’re looking for a more affordable option. Synthetic vanilla oils are a great choice if you don’t have expensive ingredients to use in your creations or prefer not to ingest vanillin crystals.

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Vanilla Oils vs. Extracts: Which Is the Best Quality

In short: Made of natural vanilla beans, pure vanilla extract is the highest quality product because it has the strongest scent and flavor of Vanilla. Vanilla essential oil is slightly higher in quality than synthetic oil because it doesn’t contain vanillin crystals, which are commonly found in real vanilla extracts.

Are Vanilla Oils and Extracts Safe for Me

In short: Yes! Natural vanilla extract is safe for consumption and will not contain phthalates or other harmful chemicals. Natural and synthetic vanilla oleoresins are safe to ingest as well. If you have allergies or are sensitive to real vanilla extract, then artificial oil is a reasonable alternative. As mentioned above, however, the artificial version of this oil will likely lack the flavoring effect that the real one provides.

Are Vanilla Oils and Extracts Natural? Some companies may use synthetic vanillin crystals in their products; however, if you want a more natural option with real vanillin crystals, then pure vanilla extract would be the best choice.

What does vanilla absolute mean?

Vanilla absolute is a type of vanilla extract made from real vanilla beans. In addition to using real natural vanilla beans, this extract undergoes a process called solvent extraction. Solvent extraction involves extracting the beans in alcohol instead of water, which results in an oil that’s much lighter than normal or pure vanilla extract.

This is because real vanilla beans (which are less refined) contain a higher percentage of vanillin crystals and have a much stronger scent than extracts made from synthetic vanillin crystals (which are created by adding an alkanediol into alcohol). Because of this natural ingredient profile, this extract has the strongest flavor and odor of vanilla.

What is the difference between absolute and fragrance?

In short: The main ingredient in vanilla absolute is vanilla beans, while the main ingredient in vanilla extract is vanillin crystals. Vanilla absolute has a much stronger scent than vanilla extract because it contains actual vanillin crystals that have been extracted from real vanilla beans. This product can be used for perfumes, fragrances, candles, soap making and other products that use high-quality materials.

The main ingredient in vanilla fragrance is synthetic vanillin crystals (which are made from ethylene), which results in a less potent product than pure or natural extracts made from real bean extractions or essential oils of natural materials.

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Can you ingest vanilla absolute?

In short: Yes, absolutely! Vanilla absolute is a pure vanilla extract that’s made from real vanilla beans, and it has a much stronger scent than pure vanilla. Because it’s more potent, you can use less while still achieving the same results. Many people claim this type of extract is the best on the market because it produces a very potent scent that’s resistant to heat (which means your candles will produce a better aroma when using vanilla absolute).

Which is better pure vanilla or vanilla extract?

In short: If you want the flavor and scent of natural vanilla, then pure vanilla is your best choice. It’s the purest form of vanilla extract that would be best for flavoring foods, beverages, candles and other products. Synthetic vanillin crystals are often added to conventional vanilla extract so it will have a more intense aroma. If you’re feeling more adventurous or are looking for something that’s going to be cheaper, then opt for a synthetic vanillin-based product rather than a natural one.

Can I use pure vanilla instead of vanilla extract?

In short: Yes, although pure vanilla extract is actually made from natural ingredients (vanilla beans) and pure vanilla is actually made from artificial ingredients. You can use pure vanilla in your recipes if you want to avoid the artificial vanillin crystals. However, pure vanilla extract will have a much stronger flavor than the artificial product because it’s made from the actual beans that contain their own natural essence.

Why is pure vanilla extract so expensive?

In short: Pure vanilla extract is expensive because it’s made from natural vanilla beans! If you’re looking for a less expensive option that still has a good taste, then vanilla absolute is your best choice. This extract contains real vanillin crystals and has a much stronger scent than synthetic vanillin crystals.

If you really want the purest possible product, then baking with real vanilla beans is your best bet. You can also use another type of vanilla for flavoring, such as pure anise extract (which is naturally made from anise seeds). However, if you’re going to use real extracts in food and beverages, then using pure vanilla extract would be the best choice.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different types of vanilla products out there. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to help you sift through the different options so that you can find the best product for your needs and budget. In the end, your goal should be to use vanilla in its purest form. This means using real vanilla beans that have been natural processed by a third party company. However, this type of vanilla is still more expensive than using artificial vanillin crystals (which is what you get with most synthetic extracts). Understand that there are two different types of vanillin crystals: synthetic and natural. Synthetic vanillin crystals are created by adding an alkanediol into alcohol, while real vanilla beans contain their own essence which contains actual vanillin crystals.

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