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Mixer Or Bread Machine: Which Should I Buy?

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a mixer or bread machine. Some people prefer the convenience of having a bread machine and going to bed with it running all night, while others only want to get up, make the dough in the morning and then put it in their bread machine when they head out for work. With this in mind, what should you do?

Thankfully, we’ve got a few pointers for making your decision easier! Find out which type of appliance is best for your lifestyle and goals so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

# Mixers vs. Bread Machine

So, you know that you want either a mixer or a bread machine and you’re wondering which is best for you? Well, as it turns out, your choice will depend on your lifestyle and what you want to bake. Here’s a quick overview of the difference between these two units:

A stand mixer is an electric motor that sits on the countertop and includes several attachments that allow it to do different jobs (knead dough, whip ingredients together, etc.). When choosing a stand mixer, think about whether or not all of the attachments will get used regularly. If they won’t be used frequently then look for one with fewer parts.

A bread machine can be thought of as a stand mixer that also includes a bread-making attachment. These typically come with recipes that are pre-programmed and you simply add the ingredients to the machine and then go about your day until you’re ready to eat.

If you’re someone who only needs one or two of these attachments, a simpler machine might be best for you. If, however, you’re trying to save money by purchasing something more basic with fewer attachments, then buying an appliance with more options might be a better idea.

# Choosing Between Mixers vs. Bread Machines

If you’re a single person or a couple, then you’ll definitely want to opt for a bread machine. With this option, you can just add the ingredients and wait while it mixes, kneads and bakes all at the same time.

The only downside is that once the cycle is complete, there’s no cleanup involved other than washing out what comes out of the machine afterward (so make sure to rinse it before putting it away). If you know that all of your family members are going to eat homemade bread regularly then this might be worth the tradeoff.

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If you get sick of eating individual loaves of bread every day then a stand mixer might be your best bet. This will let you make larger loaves (which can then be cut in half for individual servings) and you’ll also have more opportunities to experiment with different dough recipes.

One issue that some users have found, though, is that the dough can get stuck to the bottom of the bowl while they’re preparing it. This makes it a bit difficult to get it out of the machine when it’s time to clean things up, so make sure to use plenty of flour!

# Getting Started With Mixers vs. Bread Machines

Making a stand mixer or bread machine purchase comes with a few additional considerations that should be taken into account. For example, if you’re planning on buying one, then you’ll want to decide what attachments you actually need. As mentioned above, a bread machine appliance might not have the exact number of parts that your specific kitchen requires (or maybe it does and you just don’t use them all).

Depending on the type of attachment that you want, one brand might be better than another. Here are some brands to consider:

KitchenAid Stand Mixer has 18 different attachments and uses the “PowerKnead” technology which allows it to completely kneads dough while also mixing everything together in one step.

has 18 different attachments and uses the “PowerKnead” technology which allows it to completely kneads dough while also mixing everything together in one step. Cuisinart Stand Mixer has more than 49 different attachments that let you create a variety of things from cookie dough to pasta to bread, and the dough hook is perfect for recipes that use multiple kinds of flour.

has more than 49 different attachments that let you create a variety of things from cookie dough to pasta to bread, and the dough hook is perfect for recipes that use multiple kinds of flour. KitchenAid Stand Mixer also has 14 different attachments that can be used on food right out of the machine (without additional cleanup).

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Bread Machine has 8 different yeast-raised dough recipes, automatic kneading function, and lets you bake as large as 55 lbs. of bread at one time.

There are many other brands of stand mixers and bread machines on the market, so if you’re trying to narrow down your options it would be worthwhile to check out a few other reviews before making a decision.

# Choosing Between Mixers vs. Bread Machines: Which One Is For You?

As the saying goes, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Many people think that they’re buying the best appliance out there so they assume that every product is perfect for their requirements and preferences. Unfortunately, this just simply isn’t the case.

Buyers have different preferences, different needs and different priorities when it comes to appliances so it’s very important to make sure that you’re purchasing exactly what you want. If you don’t do your research ahead of time and purchase based on features or price, then chances are good that this purchase will have to be sent back in order to get a product that really fits your needs – which is a hassle and can be expensive.

For example, someone who uses a stand mixer or bread machine just once per week may want a more affordable option with fewer attachments. Someone who uses their appliances most of the time might opt for something that has more options. These are all valid purchasing decisions based on individual needs.

Now that you know more about stand mixers and bread machines, let’s go over some of the key takeaways:

If you don’t have a lot of time but still want to make your own homemade bread then a bread machine is the best choice for you. For example, there are several types of yeast dough recipes that can be made in a few hours or less. If you’re willing to wait overnight for your loaf of homemade bread then this is also an option as well. If you want something simple and want to accomplish everything with one machine then consider investing in a stand mixer.

Can I use bread machine as a mixer?

Yes, this is quite normal. You can make all kinds of things with bread machine and also use it as a mixer. After the bread has baked then you can put the mix in your stand mixer or add other ingredients and knead them until you get the desired consistency.

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What’s the difference between a mixer and a bread machine?

A good way to compare mixers vs. bread machines is to think about how they’re used. A mixer will take any ingredients that you put into it (flour, sugar, etc.) and knead them together for you so that they blend well into one another. In contrast, a bread machine doesn’t knead anything but instead mixes the ingredients together and then puts them in a loaf.

What kind of bread machine should I buy?

The best bread machine should be one that can accommodate your needs. If you want to make whole wheat bread, then choose a machine that is specifically made for that purpose. However, if you just want to make white bread, then there are machines that can do that too.

Can you knead bread in a stand mixer?

Yes, you can knead bread with a stand mixer. The dough hook is perfect for this kind of application and you can easily switch it from being a stand mixer to a normal mixing bowl if you want.

What’s the difference between a bread machine and a stand mixer?

The biggest difference between bread machines and stand mixers is their intended use. A bread machine will use yeast dough recipes that are designed for the specific appliance, whereas a stand mixer will be more versatile in how it can be used and has more attachments (and thus, more recipes) than most bread machines.


Now that you know everything about the best stand mixers and bread machines, it’s time to make an informed decision. So, what do you think? Which one is it going to be? More importantly, which one will you be using to make homemade bread for years to come? By putting in the extra legwork and doing some careful research, your purchase will be simple and easy. So don’t waste any more time and get started on reaching your goal of making your own homemade bread!

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