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Why Is Everyone Talking About Ninja Foodi Lid Won’t Close?

Getting a drink of water when you’re thirsty is the simple, daily function of life. But, sometimes there are more complicated issues to keep in mind. The fact is that drinking from a melting ice cube could potentially cause one kind of bodily harm or another. When the ice cube melts, doesn’t it just create a puddle on your countertop? In many cases, yes.
Melt Water
The melt water from the ice cube drips through the ice cube and hits your counter. Water is going to flow wherever it can, so that’s a problem if you have a nice wooden table underneath a melting ice cube. It’s going to soak into that wood and create warping or perhaps even mold growth. The fix is simple though, don’t put melting ice cubes on wooden surfaces!
Also an issue is any part of your home if it has unfinished wood as well as carpeted or tiled areas. Water could flow through those areas as well and cause mold to grow.
Ice Splinters
Ice cubes splinter when they hit a hard surface. Trampoline springs, metal backyard gazebos, and even a brick patio can cause a lot of damage when a melting ice cube hits them. Ice splinters aren’t deadly, but they do create a lot of noise if you’re trying to watch TV or enjoy outdoor activities. The fix is to place the melting ice cube on something softer to avoid the splintering issue or use an insulated ice cube tray.

What is a Ninja Foodi Lid?

Ninja Foodi Lid is a small plastic lid that fits over the ice cube compartment of the Ninja Foodi ice maker. The lid has a small flap on one end that has been specifically designed to allow an individual to grab it and easily guide the ice cube out of its compartment. The lid is colored orange on top, black on the bottom, and covered in raised horizontal lines. It measures about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. It’s not something that people normally notice in the countertop ice maker because it just sits there most of the time. But, if a user notices that the lid is missing for whatever strange reason, then they might have a hard time removing an ice cube from the compartment.
You should never throw away the Ninja Foodi Lid because you will definitely need it again eventually. In fact, don’t take it off at all even if you’re using a large ice cube tray. Just leave it on and use its little flap to guide ice cubes out of the Ninja Foodi ice maker compartment. That should keep your home a lot safer from any kind of melted ice splintering potential as well as protect wooden surfaces from water damage. To learn more about melting ice cubes and how to prevent them from hurting your home, please visit http://www.

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How do you close the lid on Ninja Foodi?

In order to close the lid on the Ninja Foodi, you must pull down on the front of it. The lid will “snap” over the opening of the ice compartment, but will also be able to easily open again when you’re ready for a new ice cube. If your Ninja Foodi is not closing properly, there may be a few different reasons why this is happening. First, make sure that you are not pulling straight out on the front of it and instead, pulling down in order to snap it closed and open in one motion. Another reason could be that your Ninja Foodi is clogged with debris. Ice cubes dislodge themselves quite frequently, so the lid of the ice maker may still be stuck simply on an ice cube that is too large or too small. The last, but not least, reason could be that you are pulling down on the front of the dispenser with excessive force for some reason. As with any piece of plastic, care should be taken not to pull down on it with excessive force because this could cause damage to the Ninja Foodi unit itself.

How do you close Ninja Foodi lid if it’s broken?

If you have a broken Ninja Foodi lid and want to close it, don’t panic. It is possible for Ninja Foodi ice makers to break right along with their lids. This is usually the case when the ice cube compartment inside your Ninja Foodi gets too full. When this happens, the ice cubes begin to float around in there and eventually, one large or two small chunks of ice can break off and fly out. This is not dangerous at all since these chunks of ice are so small that they will not be able to cause any harm to you or your home. However, it’s best to just replace the Ninja Foodi lid before it completely breaks.

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You can remove the lid from a Ninja Foodi that has a broken lid by first making sure that your ice maker is off. You then need to locate the little notch or indentation on the front of the dispenser where the lid snaps into place. Next, you should be able to easily push up on this little indentation and remove the lid as if it were never there in the first place. Now, if you do not want to replace your entire ice maker, you will need to purchase a new Ninja Foodi lid and use its little flap as described in our other question above. If you are replacing the entire ice maker, you will simply need to insert the new lid into place and make sure it “snaps” down over the ice compartment. This little push in notch will help hold your new lid in place while you’re using it. Although it may be tempting, there is no need to force the lid onto the ice cube maker. It should pop into place when you begin pressing down on that little indentation or notch on the front of your dispenser. However, if it is still not going into place after a few minutes of trying, then please refer to your Ninja Foodi manual for further instructions.

Why does my Ninja Foodi keep saying lid?

Ninja Foodi ice makers are designed to have their lids open and close on your countertop. They are not meant to be used without their lids. This is because if you do not have your Ninja Foodi lid in place, the ice maker will no longer work correctly. Therefore, if you hear the lid statement, it is important that you check to see if your Ninja Foodi lid is in place. If it has been removed, please contact us so we can replace or help you learn how to reattach it to your ice maker. Otherwise, please continue on with the use of your Ninja Foodi and check back in a few days for an update.

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How do I remove the Ninja Foodi lid?

If you’re wondering how to remove the Ninja Foodi lid, then this question isn’t that difficult to answer. It’s really as simple as getting your hand or finger into that little indentation or notch on the front of your dispenser. From there, simply push down on the lid and it should pop right off. Since this is an automated ice maker, there should also be a few other parts underneath it to make sure everything goes smoothly. You can place them back in place afterwards if you’d like or simply leave them out because they are just there for quick reference to be able to remove it again if needed. It’s okay to remove the Ninja Foodi lid for any reason, but you should always make sure that your ice maker is off before you do so.

If the Ninja Foodi lid is stuck on there, then it could be frozen on there. If this is the case, follow these simple steps to thaw your Ninja Foodi lid:

Remove all of the ice cubes from your ice maker before removing your Ninja Foodi lid. Use a pair of pliers or needle nose pliers to remove the small thumb buttons on either side of the indentation or notch where your Ninja Foodi lid snaps into place.

If you need help with any of our other Ninja Foodi questions, please click here to send us an email. If you have any questions not covered by this article, please feel free to contact us at whatever time is convenient for you. We offer free estimates and will get back to you as soon as possible. For more information about Ninja Foodi ice makers, visit www.ninjafoodi.com.