Clear Vs Dark Vanilla

Dark Vanilla

A type of vanilla flavor derived from Madagascar and Bourbon vanilla beans, like cookies, cake batter, or bread dough. It has a rich body and deep flavor with lingering sweetness and warmth. DarkVanilla is an essential ingredient in ice cream, custards, creamy sauces, or fillings for tarts. With its deep tones of vanilla, this ingredient blends well with a wide variety of flavors from flavors like blueberry, brown sugar, caramel, chocolate covered espresso beans, and peppermint to fresh fruits like avocado or peach.

Clear Vanilla

A clear version of the colorless form of vanilla from the French island Reunion. Commonly used to make white cakes and sheets cakes that are popular during the winter season. It has a light buttery taste and a delicate aroma with sweet notes of almond extract. ClearVanilla can be used to add mild flavoring to yogurt smoothies or puddings. This is the form of vanilla that is used in baking, especially baking goods such as cakes, cookies and cake batters.

The difference between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean is that Vanilla Extract is made from a form of vanilla called “seeds,” whereas vanilla beans are the actual pod. The natural flavoring extract comes from the vanilla bean. 

Vanilla beans are harvested whole and dried, giving them a woodsy aroma, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a vanilla extract or spoonful of pure vanilla bean in anything! In fact, for those who love the artisan-style cooking style, an infused vinaigrette can be used instead of the proper seeding. Since it takes time to grow beans, each bean is hand selected to ensure its best quality.

VANILLA BEANS (Vanilla Bean)

Described as “dark”, “deep”, or “perfumy” (smelling like vanilla), these beans are the largest of all the vanilla bean varieties and definitely contain the most Vitamin A. Vanilla beans are sold in various sizes and are graded by visual appearance and color: light yellow-green to light brown with a characteristic green stripe or stripe; dark brown beads; and black grains. The sugar content of the beans varies from unusually low to excessively high. So too, does the steeped flavor and aroma of the bean: low to high. The flavor and aroma of this bean goes well with a variety of other flavors, particularly coffee, bakery goods, butter-based or dairy products such as ice cream or cheese.

COCONUT MILK (Coconut Milk)

Coconut milk is a by-product made when grating and squeezing coconut meat. It is typically used to make various desserts as well as beverages which include Thai iced tea or ice coffee. It is usually flavored with vanilla and/or coconut extract. Coconut milk is an ingredient in many Southeast Asian, Indian and South Pacific dishes such as curries. A vanilla extract can be made from the seeds of a vanilla bean through macerating with high-proof alcohol (e.g., vodka). It can also be made with other extracts like cinnamon, butterscotch or nutmeg.

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BUTTERMILK (Buttermilk)

Buttermilk is a cultured dairy product obtained by adding lactic acid bacteria to normal milk at a temperature of between 110°F and 115°F, causing lactic acid fermentation of some of the milk sugars and proteins. As it has a pH below that of milk, it acts as a natural food preservative.


• Bubble Bag: Used for making sugar pearls or sugar ribbon. It’s essential for nozzles with bubble output of 3-5 cc/s.

• Bubble Bag Plus: A complete bubble bag system with a power pack. The power pack allows the user to adjust valve pressure and bubble output to the nozzle orifice via a dial control on top of the power pack. This option is excellent for professional ice cream manufacturers who are looking for better quality, consistency and higher production rates.

• Bubble Wrap: A bubble bag with a built in stainless steel delivery system. It’s excellent for high production machines or those who feel comfortable without the added equipment on the bubble wrap.

• Spool: This is a pre-cut spool of film with pouch and hose attached for easy and quick delivery.

• Piston: This is an all-metal piston with precision grooved cone designed to grab air and fill bags quickly. The aerating action, by creating bubble turbulence, increases video frequency of bubbles by 30% (up from the traditional 100%). The pistons have holes that connect to our bubbling systems to deliver the most consistent, accurate, efficient and reliable operation we have ever seen. It’s great for can sizes of: 1 gallon (3.785L), 3.5 gallons (13.25L), and 5 gallons (18.9L).

NOTE: All bubble systems require a minimum operating pressure of 6 psi.

• Funnel: This is used to fill pouches with granulated sugar.

• Funnel Kit: A complete funnel kit with stand, bubble bottle, and transfer pump. The stand has a rotatable base so the operator has the ability to make small adjustments to spread the discharge at any angle needed for an accurate delivery into the bag or container being filled. The Bubble Bottle has a two-way valve that can be opened to release the product or closed to control the flow into the bag. The bubble bottle has a 4 oz (118 ml.) capacity.

Injector Machine:

• Autopump – A fully automatic, mechanical injector with no moving parts to wear out. Its maximum pressure can be set at 10 bar (145 psi). The autocam pump features an injection needle at the end of a flexible rod that moves through the liquid stream and imparts a controlled amount of force on each injection. This controlled injection offers consistent performance every time and it is highly effective in delivering product with uniform density, consistency and quality.

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• Manual Injector – A manual injector that can be used for low production needs or to help test the machine without making an immediate capital investment.

• A-50 – An injector machine that holds 50 grams of brix for transferring or delivering pre-measured amounts of liquid (such as flavors and colors) evenly. The machine delivers liquid into a waiting vessel at a precise rate with the ability to adjust volume output. It is used in conjunction with air pressure and calibrated flowmeters to inject precise amounts of flavorings, colors, etc., into liquids at different rates.

NOTE: All injectors require a minimum operating pressure of 6 psi.

• A-500 – A fully automatic, mechanical injector with no moving parts to wear out. It has a maximum pressure output of 5 bar (70 psi). The injector machine is used to make syrup, honey, or other sweeteners for commercial applications.

• Variable Speed – This type of injector machine holds up to 50 grams of brix for transferring or delivering pre-measured amounts of liquid (such as flavors and colors) evenly. The machine delivers liquid into a waiting vessel at a precise rate with the ability to adjust volume output. It is used in conjunction with air pressure and calibrated flowmeters to inject precise amounts of flavorings, colors, etc., into liquids at different rates.

Is clear vanilla the same as regular vanilla?

Yes, clear vanilla is made from the same vanilla beans used to produce regular vanilla extract. In fact, some of the clear vanilla available in stores is made from the same beans we grow. The flavor profile is similar to regular vanilla, but with a fresher note and with less vanillin, which means it has a slightly less sweet taste. As with regular extract, clear extracts are created by distilling crushed vanilla bean pods at high temperatures through a sophisticated extraction process. Just as with regular extract or pure vanilla powder, there are natural variations in the color and taste of clear extracts as well as range in their strength (vanilla bean content).

Is clear vanilla good?

It is good for many applications. It adds a fresh, pure vanilla flavor to sugar syrups, candy, baked goods and other sweets. It is also good for creating ice creams and sorbets with less sugar. There are some people who will add it to buttercream frostings because they feel it will make them “bettery”.

Is clear vanilla safe?

We buy our beans directly from Madagascar where they are produced by small family farms in the wild heart of the island’s rain forest. Our Madagascar beans are well guarded during transportation and handled very carefully in the factory. The raw beans are then processed by hand into crystal-clear extracts right before being bottled.

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Is clear vanilla different from imitation vanilla?

Yes, imitation vanillas are made from chemicals that are derived from wood pulp and coal tar; something that occurs frequently in the food and beverage industry. These chemicals come with a chemical aftertaste and very little of the authentic natural flavors found in real vanilla.

How much clear vanilla do I need to make ice cream?

Clear vanilla will freeze into an ice cream if you add it during the churning process, but the amount of clear vanilla you should use will depend on how much sugar or other ingredients are in your ice cream base. The following chart is a good starting point. We recommend adding less clear vanilla at first, then taste testing and adding more later if desired.

Why is clear vanilla dark?

Because the process of extracting vanilla beans releases a lot of dark, natural vanillin. The amount released will depend on the bean concentration. Some people think that adding more than the maximum recommended dose is harmful and will degrade the flavor of their ice cream or other frozen dessert, but in our opinion this is not a problem as long as it is done in an honest and reasonable way.

What flavors do you produce?

The types of flavors we sell are: Vanilla, Chocolate, Peppermint and Strawberry Cordial. We also have custom flavors available upon request. If it’s not listed in our product catalog, please email us for information about pricing.

Who makes clear vanilla extract?

We are proud to be a family-run business in the USA. We care about quality, honest service, and the finest ingredients available. We use locally grown vanilla beans (pictured above) sourced from Madagascar. You can tell the difference!

This is the best clear vanilla I’ve used. The texture and taste is better than any others I’ve tried. It has a fresh, pure, sweet vanilla flavor with a smooth finish and no chemical aftertaste that happens with imitation vanilla. In fact, it’s good enough to drink straight from the bottle! Try it for yourself… you’ll be glad you did! Natural vanilla extract is made from the highest quality Vanilla Beans sourced exclusively from Madagascar at premium prices. Clear Vanilla products are produced by first removing all of the husk material from a batch of whole beans then grinding them into a powder through a proprietary process that yields a clear extract free from any color residues or chunks of solid material.