Can Vanilla Extract Be Eaten Raw Like In Ice Cream?

Many people enjoy the flavor of vanilla extract in their cooking, their coffee, and other desserts. But did you know that this aromatic spice can be eaten in a raw state? In fact, there is a type of ice cream that is made with just milk and vanilla extract. It’s called “sorbet” and it’s a frozen dessert that has no eggs or cream.

To create sorbet using vanilla extract, simply add one tablespoon of the extract to every quart of milk you’ll use when making your base. Then proceed according to your recipe for regular ice cream – either by churning it in an ice cream maker or by freezing it with salt when serving at home.

In fact, vanilla extract used to be made by hand. Today, the most common distillers are still the French and Spanish companies that process the fruit pits to make the extracts. But vanilla extract is now also made quickly in commercial laboratories through chemical processes.

Foodies can find an assortment of vanilla products on the market. It’s a popular ingredient that’s used by bakers, chocolatiers, confectioners and other cooks to give dishes a distinctive aroma and taste. Just about any kind of food or beverage can be flavored with vanilla extract or its complementary ingredients: vanilla bean pods, ground vanilla powder and vanilla sugar.

Vanilla extract is highly concentrated so it should never be ingested directly because it contains ethyl alcohol. Vanilla extract is considered one of the essential spices in most kitchens because it can replace more expensive spices such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

What are the benefits of vanilla extract?

The following are the five common benefits that people derive from vanilla extract:

1. It’s a great way to enhance a dish that needs an extra kick of flavor, such as baked goods, cakes, pies and other sweet delicacies. Small amounts can be sprinkled over your breakfast cereal or coffee. Try it with some spiced nutmeg to give it a little bit more taste and aroma. Or go for the full-on flavor by adding a couple of drops to your cup of coffee. This can also be done on its own because vanilla extract is already an aromatic ingredient in itself.

2. One of the most well-known benefits of vanilla extract is its use as a natural flavoring for ice cream. Making your own homemade ice cream can be time consuming, however. It requires a lot of patience and many people would rather buy their ice cream in the supermarket instead.

Cooks also use vanilla extract to flavor rice, oatmeal and other dishes because it has a milder flavor than true vanilla beans. Vanilla extract can also be used on the skin, especially on tense areas where muscles are highly stressed like the neck, shoulders and even knees. This can be done by rubbing some oil or lotion containing this ingredient over those areas. The extract will help alleviate stress and muscle pain.

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3. Vanilla extract is also used in the process of making vanilla bean ice cream. This fondue-like dessert usually consists of cream, ice cream and vanilla beans. Cooks add the mixture to an electric coffee and creamer maker, setting it to the highest speed and stirring at a certain pace for about two minutes. Then, they scoop out the chilled mixture and transfer it into an ice cream freezer for about 20 minutes. Finally, they put it in a serving bowl that has been chilled with cold water or ice cubes.

4. It helps keep your skin youthful and glowing by keeping your pores clean and refreshed. If you are prone to acne and want to use vanilla extract as a home remedy, simply take a little bit of this substance and apply it over your skin. You can even use it on your hair where it is especially prone to falling out.

5. Vanilla extract also helps cleanse your entire body and keep you feeling fresh by cleansing the digestive system, colon and liver. Add five to 10 drops of this substance in enough water that you can drink when taking your bath or shower. It’s best to do so before bedtime because this will allow the body to absorb all the goodness from this essential herb easily during sleep.

How To Prepare Vanilla Extract:

1. Place 1 tablespoon vanilla extract in 4 cups of milk.

2. Heat milk over low heat without boiling. Add the vanilla to the milk and heat for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Do not boil.

3. Before serving, strain out the vanilla, using a sieve or fine-mesh strainer. The extract will have a foamy appearance and can be used immediately or stored in an airtight glass container at room temperature for up to one month (if it lasts that long!).


Vanilla extract is one of the most widely used spices. It has a lovely flavor ideal for enhancing different types of food, giving it an extra boost of flavor and scent. Although vanilla extract can be eaten in a raw state, it’s best to use it as a flavoring ingredient when cooking various dishes. Vanilla extract can also be used on your skin to keep your pores clean and refreshed thereby keeping your face looking youthful and glowing.

Is eating vanilla extract harmful?

Eating vanilla extract may seem like an odd practice, but people actually do it. A lot, too! Many people even use homemade vanilla extract as a base for certain desserts and drinks that they make at home.

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But is eating vanilla extract harmful? In reality, yes. But not in the way you’d expect it to be harmful. Vanilla extract contains ethyl alcohol and is highly concentrated; therefore, if ingested directly by mouth, it can cause adverse effects on your health such as nausea, headaches and even dizziness because of its alcoholic content. Eating small amounts can be safe unless you are pregnant or nursing because of the alcohol in the ingredient.

It’s best to use vanilla extract as a flavoring agent. This can be done through sprinkling it over your food or using it to make certain dishes like pancakes, cakes, ice cream and other sweet delicacies.

But if you insist on eating vanilla extract, you should know that doing so directly by mouth can cause indigestion, stomach aches and headaches. Long-term use of this substance can also cause scarring of the esophagus, anorexia and even weight loss due to its low nutritional value.

How much vanilla extract is safe?

The recommended safe dosage of vanilla extract is just one teaspoon per day. But if you are going to eat it, don’t expect it to do much for your overall health because it’s not a very healthful food. In fact, it contains almost no nutrients and can even harm you if taken in large doses daily.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to take vanilla extract is by using it as a flavoring ingredient instead of eating it directly with your meals. This way, you can still enjoy its wonderful scent and taste without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Is vanilla extract made from real vanilla beans?

Vanilla extract has been widely used in cooking because of its strong aromatic quality and rich flavor. Vanilla extract, unlike real vanilla beans, is made by using an artificial and highly concentrated flavoring substance made from pure vanilla extract.

There are many different types and brands of vanilla extract available today, but they are mostly made using natural extracts. This occurs because the flavor of pure vanilla is not very strong or sweet enough to mask the other ingredients in a given dish.

Is there natural vanilla extract?

Yes! You may want to read more about the different types of extracts available on the market today and how to distinguish them from synthetic ones. Click here for more information regarding that matter.

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Is it true that eating vanilla extract can cause nausea?

Yes, eating too much vanilla extract can make you nauseous because of its alcohol content. When ingested by mouth, this substance is easily absorbed into the blood stream and then delivered directly to the liver where it’s stored as a chemical known as ethyl alcohol. This alcohol immediately affects your brain and central nervous system, causing symptoms such as abdominal pain, upset stomach and headaches.

How much vanilla extract is safe to eat?

The recommended safe dosage of vanilla extract is just a teaspoon daily. If you wish to use the extract for cooking purposes, about half a teaspoon may be the only amount recommended for consumption if you wish to consume it all at one time.

Can I get drunk off of vanilla extract?

Yes! Because of how vanilla extract is made, it contains several other ingredients besides vanilla. These include ethyl alcohol (Vanillyl alcohol), which as you know, is a catalyst for intoxication when ingested.

But remember that even if you consume the substance using your mouth, not all of the alcohol found in the vanilla extract will be absorbed into your bloodstream. The amount that’s absorbed depends largely on the quantity consumed and the amount of food or drink you have with it. The good thing about this is that some of the substance’s ingredients may remain undigested by your body, it won’t get you drunk at all.

What happens if you drink straight vanilla extract?

Are you a DIY enthusiast? If so, then you may be tempted to make your own vanilla extract using just a few ingredients and follow a set of directions. But if you’re not careful, mistakes can happen and one of them is drinking straight vanilla extract without diluting it first. By ingesting it this way or in large quantities, you risk getting drunk off the substance if it’s made with real vanilla beans.

Can I bathe in vanilla extract as a skin care treatment?

Is eating vanilla extract good for your skin? One of the most common home remedies for beating nasty body odor is by taking baths with mineral salts or spring water and adding a banana to the mix. You may be tempted to try this recipe in your own home, or even improve it by adding vanilla extract.

The good news is that bathing in vanilla extract won’t harm you. However, if you’re taking it for skin care purposes, you may want to reconsider it because the extract contains alcohol which can dry out your skin. That said, using real vanilla beans in place of vanilla extract might be a better idea.

Vanilla extract is widely used in the food and beverage industry as a flavoring agent. But did you know that it can also be used to make certain types of beauty products and as an anti-aging agent? Using it on your skin is also a viable option, but you may want to dilute it first with water or add more natural ingredients for better results.

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