Food Party 2 in 1 Smokeless Grill & Hotpot Combo

What if you could enjoy the best of both worlds? Well now you can! Say goodbye to smoky grills and hot pots, and hello to the Food Party 2 in 1 Smokeless Grill & Hotpot Combo. This two-in-one ensemble won’t just give you the best selection of BBQ cuisine, but will also let you simmer your meats and vegetables in a hot pot right on top of your grill.

The grill is found at the bottom for optimal heat distribution, while the pot sits at perfect cooking heights above it. You’ll be able to sear delicate vegetables like grilled asparagus, steam broccoli florets, or poach shrimp with just one swipe of your hand.

You’ll be able to sear delicate vegetables like grilled asparagus, steam broccoli florets, or poach shrimp with just one swipe of your hand

The Food Party 2 in 1 Smokeless Grill & Hotpot Combo is made of sturdy stainless steel that won’t bend or warp. Its design was cleverly thought out to have the BBQ grill on the bottom, along with the heat source at mid-level, so that heat can circulate evenly. A 38” rack allows you to place large pieces of meat right on top of the pot for even cooking; meanwhile there are smaller hooks underneath where you can prop up your veggies and other foods.

This video shows how this Earth-friendly, 2-in-1 hotpot & grill combination provides the perfect party food. The grill heats the pot of soup or stew to a perfect temperature, and all you have to do is add sides like rice and vegetables. There’s no more need for human BBQers, no more smoke, and no more dirty dishes. It’s modern cooking with a complete absence of hassle!

For all you BBQ lovers out there, here’s an easy way to turn your backyard into a BBQ party zone in no time! All you need is this Food Party 2 in 1 Smokeless Grill & HotPot Combo by Big Green Egg®. With it’s big enough to fit up to twelve people and its three burners that create that buttery smokey wood fire flavor every time, the Food Party is one of our most popular items at Summer Camp. Why not give it a try for your next outdoor gathering? It provides quality food without the hassle of charcoal or other fuels.

Now, you will want to make sure to follow the instructions for assembling your grill. The design is simple and you can quickly put it together. However, this is a professional cooking tool and we do not recommend that you try and improvise or alter the product in any way. We know that you will love it and we want you to enjoy using it for many years to come.

Now, if we thought grilling was awesome, we think hotpotting is even better! With this combination grill/hotpot, you can choose which way sounds best for your dinner plans. You can either smoke jerk chicken over the open fire or cook up your favorite type of soup in the hotpot feature when weather gets cold outside.

This product is great for your home and we think that you will love it. This product is great for camping and tailgating and we know that it will be a hit wherever you use it. It is the perfect patio companion and we know that you will love using it with your friends and family. If you’ve been waiting to find the perfect BBQ partner, look no further than this Food Party 2 in 1 Smokeless Grill & Hotpot Combo by Big

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If you want to host a casual, easy party but don’t have the time or energy to cook a whole meal, this is the perfect solution! This food party will have everyone raving about your next gathering. Just grill items on top of this hotpot and add noodles or chips for an instant dinner. With its smokeless design, you can even use it in a family room where smoking incense is not permitted! Enjoy your food with friends without worrying about inhaling smoke from incense or stinky bacon oozing from hamburgers that are cooking all day long.

Color: Silver

Food-grade stainless steel material

30 cm duel smoking grill + 30cm hot pot

with no ash bucket to dump

1 year warranty

Packing List: 1x Smoking grilling unit 1x Hot pot

Two models of smokeless grill with hotpot – Smokeless Grill & Hotpot Combo (Silver) and Smoking Grill & Hotpot Combo (Black). Sold separately. Smokeless grill has the dual functions of smoking & grilling. Use it as a smoker or as a stovetop hotpot to make your favorite food dish. The dual functions enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds without having to adjust cooking methods between charcoal stove and electric oven. It is very convenient to use.

With the grilling rack, you can easily grill marinated meat, seafood or skewered food to achieve that tender and juicy taste. You can also steam cook vegetables in the hotpot part of the smoker grill. Great for indoor use! Once you’ve got your food ready, pour in your favorite noodle soup or cup noodles into the hotpot part of the smoker grill and let it simmer in there while you enjoy your meal right away!

What can you cook in hot pot?

Anything you want! Hotpot is the quintessential comfort food, and you can put anything you like into it. Some of the more common hot pot ingredients include:

Noodles – These come in vermicelli, rice noodle, udon, or other variations that you can try out. Noodles are always popular to include in hotpot dishes because they pair so well with the soup broth. The one thing to watch out for is making sure they don’t get overcooked. If they sit in the broth for too long they’ll become soggy and unappealing.

Rice cakes – These can be plain or filled with beef, pork, chicken or shrimp. Another popular way to prepare rice is to steam them so they get a light, fluffy texture.

Meatballs – These are easy to cook in hotpot. Cut up the meatballs into bite-sized chunks and dump them into the hotpot. Turn the heat up high and let them simmer for a few minutes or until they’re cooked through. Add some chili flakes or soy sauce to add that extra kick of flavor. You can also try using minced meat instead if you prefer that texture in your hotpot dishes, but it’s much chewier because the individual bites aren’t separated enough to be cooked through in one sitting.

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Fish balls – In Asian countries, fish balls are a common ingredient in hot pot because they work perfectly with the broth. The larger ones only need a minute or two to cook. You can also check to make sure they aren’t undercooked before you take them out of the broth to avoid food poisoning.

Chops – Beef and lamb chop are popular ingredients because they’re easy to cook and won’t turn into a slimy mess if you leave them in the hotpot for too long. They seasoned well to your liking, then place them on top of the grilling rack and grill to your preferred doneness.

Shrimp – This is one of the most popular ingredients for hot pot. Shrimp taste great when cooked in the hotpot and it’s a healthier option for those who are watching their weight or who don’t eat pork. It works perfectly for smaller shrimp that aren’t too chewy once they’re cooked, but there are some boiled shrimp recipes out there if you’re looking for bigger bites.

Calamari – This is another seafood dish that is great when cooked in hot pot with your choice of seasoning. If you like squid, seaweed or other vegetables then try boiling them in the broth. All you need to do is toss in some egg noodles and cut up vegetables, then add everything to your favorite hotpot recipe.

Meat – This includes pork belly and other cuts that are common in Asian cooking like beef, chicken thighs, duck breast or other game meats like venison. Most meats will be fresh enough to eat after boiling for a few minutes. If you want it to be well-done or crispy, though, you’ll need to pork belly and other cuts that are common in Asian cooking like beef, chicken thighs, duck breast or other game meats like venison. Most meats will be fresh enough to eat after boiling for a few minutes. If you want it to be well-done or crispy, though, you’ll need to transfer it to the grill after.

Seafood – Seafood is easy to cook in hotpot because it’s already cooked and only needs a few minutes in the broth. When boiled with hotpot ingredients like shellfish and kelp, you can make a flavorful broth that will fill up your pot with delicious sea flavor. Just make sure everything steams through before you take them out of the water or they’ll become overcooked and rubbery.

Mushrooms – Asian mushrooms like enoki and straw mushrooms are easy-to-cook ingredients that also add a nice touch of texture to your broth.

Can I use electric skillet for hot pot?

Electric skillet can be used in hotpot. But please note that if you like making hot pot noodles with the broth, make sure you use a stainless steel skillet or yakiniku pan. If you use a non-stick skillet and the food sticks to it, it will be difficult to wash with hot water.

Do I need to soak noodles before hotpot?

Noodles, rice and other food items can be cooked in hotpot without pre-soaking. However, if the ingredient is like bamboo shoot (which must be soaked), you need to soak it prior to cooking. Bamboo shoots are soft and become slimy if they are not soaked in water prior to cooking.

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How to clean yakiniku pan?

If you use the non-stick pan for hotpot, please be careful when you wash it after using. You can use a soft sponge to wipe the bottom of the pan. Do not use any soap to wash it off. For cleaning the cooking surface, please do not use soap or detergent. It will easily cause food particles to stick on the surface of your hot pot pan if you are doing that. Please clean your cooking surface gently with water and keep it dry immediately after cleaning to avoid rusting on cooking surface.

Can you make hot pot on the stove?

Yes. You can make hot pot on the stove, but you need to be very careful because of the high temperature of the broth. Make sure you read instructions on how to control the temperature and make sure the pan is not too close to your stove.

Can you use non-stick skillet for hotpot cooking?

You can use non-stick skillet for hotpot, but it is easy to scorch or burn food on non-stick pans. If you like making more authentic style hotpot with broth, we recommend using stainless steel skillet or pot instead of non-stick pan.

Can you put hotpot on the grill?

Yes, for some recipes you can put hotpot ingredients on the grill. Grilling gives your food a flavorful and crispy texture for those who like eating grilled food. You can put meatballs, chops, squid and other foods on the grill instead of boiling them in pot and you can also use grilling as a way to cook ingredients like seafood and meat if you like it well-done or crispy.

Can you save hot pot broth?

If you like to make hot pot at home, you can keep the broth aside for several days. But please note that the leftover broth will lose its flavor and may become thick and sticky.

Is there a way to re-use leftover food from hot pot?

Yes, it is quite common for people who have been eating hot pot with family or friends to take leftovers home with them. Just put all the leftovers in a container and freeze them until you’re ready to use it.

Remember the purpose of hot pot is to cook various kinds of food together in one pan, so you can get many kinds of variations by mixing meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu and other ingredients. Most hot pots are cooked in a shallow pool in the center of the table, but there are also some pot-in-pot hotpot recipes that require you to make your own cooking vessel for heating the broth inside.

Keep in mind that all instructions used in this article are based on how to make traditional style hotpot using an open pot set on a table outdoors or indoors with no electricity. The instructions may vary depending on your personal preference or situation.

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