What Is The Best Brand Of Eggs To Buy

The quality of eggs has decreased significantly over the past few years, and now more than ever, people are looking for ways to ensure their eggs are fresh. There is no single best brand of eggs to buy because each egg comes from a different bird and has a different nutritional profile. However, buying local is always recommended and should be encouraged. Some places have stricter standards on egg quality and regulations than others, so make sure you research the rules in your area before buying any chickens!

Here are some helpful tips that will help you choose the best brand of eggs in your area:

1) Expect higher prices. Our natural resources such as fertile land and fresh water must be protected so there can be healthy birds producing healthy eggs. So, if you live in a large urban area, chances are it costs more to keep your chickens.

2) Check for the farm or coop where the birds live. The feed is probably going directly into their bodies and not being pumped into a holding area or warehouse to be sold on the market. If this is not intentional, then it’s best to avoid eggs from that place.

3) Check for egg quality of different birds from different farms even from the same farmer. A couple of farms may have higher standards than another farmer with similar size batches and number of birds keeping them there longer.

Where Does Walmart Get Their Great Value Eggs?

That is a great question! I hope my answer will convince you to purchase Walmart’s great value eggs in comparison to the other major brands. In my opinion, Walmart clearly gets better value out of their eggs than any of the other major brands, but this is only my opinion, and you have to do your own research. The Best Value Eggs

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Walmart has a unique system they call “The Best Value Program”, which means that they have decided that their number one priority (over profits) is keeping check on the quality of their products. Their chickens are given feed consisting of soybeans, corn and cottonseed meal, which helps them grow faster, healthier and produce more eggs per day.

This is very different than the other major brands. And you will notice a huge difference in taste and quality when you try Walmart’s great value eggs.

So, for all of these reasons, I recommend that you give the Walmart brand a try the next time you are thinking about buying some eggs or other products in general.

Are Walmart Eggs Good Quality?

Yes Walmart’s eggs are very good. They are raised in the Carolinas and Georgia, which means they get to enjoy a milder climate with low humidity, which all goes into making the eggs more tender, flavorful and healthier.

Walmart Eggs Vs Kroger Eggs

The major difference between Walmart’s eggs and Kroger’s is that the Kroger eggs are raised in Wisconsin; whereas, Walmart’s eggs are raised in the Carolinas. So if you’re looking for a taste comparison of these two brands, I’d recommend that you purchase some Kroger eggs (not brand) from your local grocery store and compare it with the Best Value brand from Walmart.

What Is The Healthiest Egg Brand?

Well, I can only tell you what brand of eggs I prefer to buy and eat, and that is the Walmart Great Value brand. They are a little more expensive than the other major brands like Kroger or Albertson’s, but it is definitely worth the price if you can afford it. The chickens are a lot healthier and happier on farms that give them better quality feed than the others. So here’s the thing that most people don’t realize:

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Paying More For Local Eggs Is Actually Better For You

The reason some brands of eggs are cheaper than others is typically because they aren’t fed quality feed; they’re sold in large quantities because they’re not fresh; they’re raised with unhealthy conditions, etc.. All these things are very unethical for the chickens, but many people are unaware of this.

If you have your own healthy chickens that have been raised with the best quality feed and conditions possible, you don’t need to be paying more for local eggs because it’s not worth it. It’s just like eating a piece of steak versus eating a chicken breast; there is no difference at all. You can get the same great taste and quality regardless if they’re raised locally or shipped in from across the country.

Are Great Value Eggs Pasteurized?

Many people are concerned about buying pasteurized eggs, and the reason is simple: pasteurization kills many of the healthy bacteria and enzymes that are important for digestion. So, when eating pasteurized eggs, you’re being exposed to a smaller number of organisms that are part of your ecosystem; this includes different species of bacteria, which we’re not always used to in our regular daily human diet. It is also important to keep in mind that pasteurization is used in the food industry as a means of keeping foods fresh and safe to eat without damage from spoiling over time; therefore many other products like yogurt, cheese, etc., are sold with the same treatment.

(You may also be surprised to learn that many raw milk farmers also pasteurize the milk because of the nature of the food business; it’s to keep the milk clean and safe for human consumption.)

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So yes, Walmart’s eggs are pasteurized as well.

The reason I say this is because when you purchase a local egg from a small farm, it must be handled by a trucking company, which is not as careful as it should be when stacking and transporting food for distribution.

If an egg is cracked, it means that there is a problem with the product. If an egg is broken, then that’s not good for your health either.

Where Does Walmart Get Their Eggs From?

Now, where some people may be confused is that Walmart often offers their Eggs from several different regions other than the Carolinas. This can lead to confusion because not all of these eggs are in their BV program. So, Walmart purchases chickens from several other farms across the country; and these farms are then selected for those that meet their specific criteria for freshness, quality and value.

For example:

Walmart’s Eggs Are Fresh

Walmart’s chickens are fed only soybeans and cornmeal (all organic) with limited amounts of other grains such as cane sugar or molasses; this combination is proven to help keep chickens healthy and grow faster without producing unhealthy levels of fat in the meat.

Walmart Buys Organic Eggs

Walmart’s chickens are not genetically modified and are fed a limited amount of grains. These chickens aren’t allowed to be given hormones because it’s unhealthy for them, and most of the ingredients in their feed is non-GMO.

The supply chain for Walmart’s internal eggs has been tested by USDA, and no problems have been found in 24 years.


Great Value brand eggs, you’re getting the best of both worlds: local eggs from smaller farms that have lower costs but have the same or better nutrition as high-end brands that cost a lot more money.