Power Air Fryer Oven

Ever since the introduction of microwave ovens, a debate has raged as to whether or not they are a healthy way to cook food. But now, there’s a new appliance on the scene that cooks food in a similar way as microwaves but without harmful radiation. Called the power air fryer oven, this device has […]

Tips & Tricks: The Breville Smart Oven

With all of the cooking gadgets out there for home use, it can be hard to decide what is worth your money. But if you enjoy using your oven but want something with more convenience, look no further than the Breville Smart Oven. What is the Breville Smart Oven? The Breville Smart Oven is a […]

Emerald Air Fryer Reviews

From crisp chips to juicy burgers, the emerald air fryer makes everything you cook more delicious and healthy. And with such an affordable price, it’s no wonder this gadget continues to get rave reviews from satisfied customers. At Emerald, we’ve been in the kitchen appliance business for several years and our reputation is growing fast. […]

Best Microwave Ovens with Air Fryer

Microwave ovens are fairly outdated, as they rely on magnetrons which have now been superseded by plasma, edge and ceramic waveguide emitters. A microwave oven is still a kitchen appliance we can all use, but it has been replaced in most homes with air fryers. Air fryers use an extremely hot air stream to cook […]

New Air Fryer Always Sets Off The Fire Alarm?

It seems like the latest kitchen appliances are always setting off the fire alarm, sometimes right when you’re preparing dinner. Between your oven, your microwave, and that new air fryer you just bought — all these devices can potentially cause a spark. As an added bonus, many of these gadgets make sure that there is […]

PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer Plus User Guide

The PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer Plus is a revolutionary appliance that cooks food fast and healthy. The process transforms oil to air in the fryer, so there’s no mess or oil to clean up afterward and it’s easy on your wallet too. Click here for the PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer Plus User Guide. More than […]

Can You Run An Air Fryer As A Microwave?

Microwaves can cook food, but they don’t have the heating power of an oven or stove. To remedy this, many people turn to air fryers, which use superheated air to heat food while cooking it instead of microwaving it. This results in a crunchy crust and a juicier interior — perfect for frying and roasting […]

Can You Air Fry Without an Air Fryer?

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that you can actually use a regular frying pan to air fry food, as long as you have an ovenproof thermometer and some aluminum foil. Check out the instructions below and see for yourself: -Place a non-stick skillet with an ovenproof thermometer on the stovetop on medium heat. This […]

Best Size Air Fryer for Family of 4

If you’re a family of four or more people living in a small space, then the best option for you is to get an air fryer that can hold six large pieces of food. This way, each member of your family can get his or her favorite food fried without everyone getting frustrated. If this […]